Al Seraj Learning Centre in Doha, Qatar


Al Seraj Learning Centre provides educational support for learners who are facing academic challenges and who require additional intervention in order to improve their skills in English and Mathematics. Our curriculum is tailored to each individual learner in order to better meet their needs.

This is to guide you through the process of enrolling your child for tuition.

Step One: Interview

The interview is to establish the learner’s attitude towards the subject. It also outlines the goals and expectations of the parents and the learner. The interview will be scheduled once the application form is completed.

Step Two: Evaluation assessment

At this stage, the learner will complete a written assessment. The results of this assessment will be used to identify the learner’s levels in different areas.

Step Three: Recommendation report

You will receive a Recommendation Report based on the interview and evaluation assessment. This will detail the learner’s strengths and weaknesses, along with an individualised support plan recommended by Al Seraj in order to achieve the goals and expectations previously set. While the Recommendation Report can be amended, it is highly endorsed as the plan best suited with respect to the learner’s educational needs.

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