Al Seraj Learning Centre in Doha, Qatar


Al Seraj’s program is based on the concept that learning should be fun. When a learner feels the joy of success they become invested in working harder and aiming higher.

Subjects are organized by skills that meet the general guidelines of each grade level. So while we do not teach each student’s current grade level, we teach towards it and beyond.

The learner will begin with an initial assessment to identify the skills that they possess and lack in the subject.  When this has been properly determined, the teacher, learner and parents set SMART goals which will be regularly reviewed.

During their time at Al Seraj, we will work towards helping the learner reach and surpass their goals which ultimately reflects in their grades and general performance at school. We can ensure this through:

  • Personalized attention
  • Respect and comprehension of their individual needs
  • Investing dedication and time in each learner
  • Developing a friendly learning environment
  • Addressing their weaknesses sensitively and celebrating their successes positively
  • Below is a breakdown of each subject taught at Al Seraj, and the corresponding skills that a student must have to be at that level.


Reading and Writing: The Core of Achievement

At Al Seraj Learning Centre, we believe that the ability to read and write in order to meet more rigorous standards is at the core of teacher effectiveness, student achievement, and meeting the competitive challenges of a better-educated world.

 To keep up with learning in a today’s fast-paced world, Al Seraj Learning Centre uses the most up-to-date resources to make sure that reading and writing remain at the core of achievement.

These are resources that have the proven ability to increase reading and writing performance by enabling all learners, at all levels, to make significant reading gains through differentiated instructions according to their own individual needs. These resources are differentiated by each learner’s reading levels to build reading comprehension of text on hand.

 During any given English lesson, each learner accesses the content at their own reading level. This helps a learner feel initially comfortable with the material, and after having built this confidence, new information at higher levels is slowly introduced at the pace of the student with positive reception.

 This proven method helps Al Seraj educators significantly improve the vocabulary, comprehension and critical thinking skills, reading fluency and writing skills of all learners. And learners become more confident in themselves as they meet and exceed the reading and writing levels of their own school’s standards and objectives.


Witness Your Child’s Math Skills Rise

At Al Seraj Learning Centre, we work towards making math understandable, relatable and fun (yes, FUN!).

To a young learner, algebraic equations, variables, and the Pythagorean Theorem can seem like a foreign language. No matter how many times a learner is exposed to them, these concepts can seem intimidating and unintelligible.

Our approach to math exposes learners to different ways of looking at basic math concepts that anyone can apply to their daily life.  This will allow learners to understand how they can use these concepts in relation to the world around them.

Our math curriculum is tailored to each individual learner in order to better meet their needs. We provide a plethora of materials to present the ideas to learners in a way that they will understand best. From simple scales and pattern mosaics to giant numbered floor charts and percentage dominoes, we are equipped with all of the manipulative tools that we need to make math fun.

Qualified and dedicated math teachers work with small groups to understand each learner’s needs, capture their interest, create rapport and make each lesson exciting and memorable. The learner takes a placement test for each major concept to identify current skill level. Then the teacher creates an individualized lesson plan which is tailored to the learner’s needs. Our goal is to identify and close the learning gaps in math, all while having fun.