Al Seraj Learning Centre in Doha, Qatar

Meet Our Team


Mr. Jean Claude (JC) Chalouhi is the acting Superintendent of Al Seraj Learning Centre and Seraj Training Centre. Mr. JC’s passion for education and teaching stems from his first experience as a Teacher’s Assistant at the University of South Carolina. From there, he went on to complete a Bachelor Degree in Science from Charter Oak State College, in New Britain, Connecticut; a Teaching Certification from Cambridge University,  UK; a Principal Certification from The PTC Miami, Florida;  and, most recently, a Master Degree in Education from Buffalo State University, New York. Mr. JC started his career in education in Doha in the year 2000 as a secondary Math and Physics teacher at English Modern School (Doha Campus). He then moved up as the Head of the Science Department through to Administrative positions from the Secondary Assistant Principal, Secondary Principal, Deputy Director and now, Superintendent of all three English Modern School campuses (Doha, Wakra and Al Khor) and of Al Seraj Learning Centre.

Personal Statement:

I believe that an effective school leader empowers, inspires and motivates others. This type of leader can promote the changes needed to prepare learners for their future and achievements.

I believe that by raising the expectations for students, staff members and the entire school community based on a common vision we can elevate academic standards and create more holistic learners. We can achieve this through strong collaboration and trust between all stakeholders which will serve as the foundation that helps learners raise their personal standards and set and achieve their higher academic goals. This, in turn, helps to create life-long learners and active citizens.

I look forward to working together with a team of highly skilled and highly passionate people that support continuous professional growth through  continuous professional development based on the best practices which focus on improving learning for every child.

With the support of our great team, I look forward to changing and redesigning the educational landscape to ensure that every person has the opportunity to learn and grow and be successful.



Mr. Elias Chalouhi joined Seraj in May, 2016 as an English / IELTS / SAT Specialist and brings a wealth of experience in the teaching profession. After graduating from the American University of Beirut (AUB), he taught English at various schools in Lebanon, and Beirut’s Haigazian College. Here in Doha, he taught for ten years at ELS, where he became known as an expert in TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, and other specialized courses.He has also been a much sought-after private teacher for these courses.